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Autumn Psalm

by Chuck Mathias

Vibrant reds and golds splash across the sky.

Your paintbrush searches out the space between the billowing clouds

to magically turn the azure into a paisley rainbow.

You tip your palette into the rushing wind.

Rainbow hues mix in an ever-changing kaleidoscope.

Now orange, now bronze, now rosy peach.

Forming and reforming as they are propelled earthward

becoming a misty blanket gently settling on the autumn foliage.

Leaves turn to gold and pink and deep, dark red.

Their copper veins burst forth from leathery stems.

Your glory is arrayed for all.

Worthy and unworthy revel in your colorful display.

Still ponds reflect the colorful majesty of your oaks and maples.

Straggly weeds are touched by your probing paintbrush

To become sienna sentinels arching across the straw strewn meadow.

Living green begins to fade.

Small brown seeds are carried by the wind

Alighting gently, to settle in the welcoming soil, to rest,

To grow, to be transformed, awaiting their springtime resurrection.

How glorious your deeds

How wondrous your works

How bountiful your generosity

How beautiful your display of love

Oh God, my God,

Creator Artist of the world

Generous Lover

Ultimate Giver.

Thank You.

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