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The Pain of Being First

Man! We were ready to go!

We jumped to the heavens on legs of fire

and with the roar

of a thousand lions.

Ooo man! We danced around earth

and used her mighty weight

to speed us on our way

and send us off to Mars.

Oh man! that journey was so long,

the months in quiet lonely dark

away, weighing next to nothing

but growing heavy in our hearts.

Christ man! Our nerves were shot,

we were sick of one another.

The way we looked the way we smelled

we're like needles to each other.

Work man! So many things to do.

To hell with that, we feel like crap.

The folks on Earth are mad as hell

We don't care, not Earthlings anymore!

Red man! This planet really is.

The color doesn't matter

the trip is done at last

and now we're finally here.

Well man, what a place to live.

Red sand in every crack and crevice

and in everybody's hair.

I guess we're ready to go home.

“Go man! Places to explore. We're here to make discoveries.”

Go man! Places to explore.

We're here to make discoveries.

We sure didn't come for the food

cause the freeze dried shit here stinks!

Ok man! We all went further and further

till the suits and rovers couldn't go no more.

A risky business to wander here

the ambulance is slow and far.

Man... oh man! To happen was certain sure.

Too far and high, climbing over scrabble, sharp.

His sudden slip surprised us all.

And just like that a friend is gone, the first.

Hopeless man! To dig this rust red soil.

Tools we brought for science work

opens up an oversize sepulcher for him.

No doubt the first of many graves on Mars.

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