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The Seasons of God's Sunshine - A Love Story

Years ago two children met in the spring of their lives; both had faults as all people do, but the glint of the sun hid them from view. The boy thought that God had surely bestowed the brightest of his sunshine upon the little girl for he could see the gold in her hair and the clearest azure skies when he looked into her eyes. She, in turn, believed God had certainly given the young boy his sunshine for she saw him like an oak tree, standing so tall, so straight, and so strong.

...he could see the gold in her hair and the clearest azure skies when he looked into her eyes.

Many birthdays came and went for the pair, climbing on rocks they were forbidden to climb, stealing kisses in the moonlight and spending the spring of their lives as most children do, happy, carefree, and reckless.

The summer of their lives brought distance; each choosing paths they believed right for themselves yet far away from each other. Smiles were bountiful when on occasion the two paths crossed. The young man took for granted God’s sunshine would always be with the young woman as she grew more beautiful with each passing day. And it was so also with the young woman for her oak tree continued to grow taller and straighter and stronger.

They came together again when autumn raged with the storms of discontent as summer’s choices had become dark and unkind. Both struck out with bolts of thunder better turned on themselves than one another. One breezy afternoon the not so young man and the not so young woman walked out upon the rocks. The wind was biting and left a chilled glow on the face of the not so young woman. The not so young man gazed lovingly at her, grasping her

hand he said “Look at you, I believe that God’s sun must still shine on you brightly

because you are more beautiful now than in the spring of your life.”

Words escaped the not so young woman by virtue of the sincerity in his voice and loveliness of his thought. Never had she experienced such a feeling of love and acceptance. She remained silent fearing he wouldn’t believe her words. She had always believed so much more in him, than in herself, and was certain God’s sunshine was still with him, for like the oak tree, with every passing year she had watched him grow taller and straighter and stronger.

The winter of their lives finally arrived. They had survived the recklessness of spring, the distance of summer, and the storms of autumn. Winter brought a peace that only the aged can appreciate. No longer able to climb down on the rocks they sat at the top looking out on to the water. The years had weathered them; washing the gold from the old woman’s hair, the blue in her eyes fading to gray and the old man didn’t stand quite so tall or quite so straight any longer.

As they sat quietly reflecting the old man said, “My dear, it’s truly amazing that after all these years God’s sun still shines on you so brightly. You are still as beautiful to me as the first day I saw you.”

At hearing this, the old woman turned to him, not hesitating this time and said, “You are my oak tree, so tall, so straight, and strong. Your branches have protected me from much of the harshness in the world and have been a beacon for God’s sun to shine down upon me.”

As travelers, weary and full of the dust from the journey, they felt the comfort of

reaching the lush knoll at the edge of a clear sparkling brook.

And how very fortunate some people are when God’s sunshine truly glimmers

upon them.

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